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Our carpentry price listed here will give you an approximate guideline to help in your renovation costing and budgeting. The starting price and rates are based on common carpentry details and is dependent on the complexity of your design. Our carpentry carcasses are constructed from real plywood – finished with standard laminates with ABS trimming/ or edge band doors. All casement doors are provided with soft closing hinges; drawers come with full extension tracks.

If you prefer to opt for our Premium range, feel free to discuss with our consultant(s) about the many different types of options we have available to you. Hinges, runners, baskets, sauce trays, tandem boxes, HF lift up, top line wardrobe tracks are just a few of the innovative German & UK technology systems we have to offer. If you want to create your own unique designer kitchen or wardrobe, look no further.

We have a wide range to choose from – from generic brands to brand names such as Blum, Hettich, Haeffele, or Excel to name just a few. You may also wish to upgrade the finish in our rich veneer range or solid core laminates; or even change the internal finishing to a woodgrain melamine or PVC. If you’re worried about the wet areas of your home, opt for the use of Marine plywood which will provide a resistance to moisture damage.

Completely customise your own kitchen or wardrobe with high quality laminates, frameless glass, acrylic c/w casement, or even sliding door. We have dozens and dozens of choices available for every budget!

No matter your choice let us make your carpentry come to life with our quality work and craftsmanship.

Call us for an appointment at 66084330 or 98287198 for a free consultation. Mon- Sat 10am -7pm, strictly by appointment only.

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Approximate Prices

Description Rate Unit
Top or  bottom hung cabinets with laminate finish and casement doors $140 pfr
Top or bottom  cabinets with frameless glass doors and or drawers $200 pfr
Kitchen “Tall Boy” unit of laminate $380 pfr
Kitchen “Tall Boy” unit with glass door $560 pfr
Laminate wardrobe with casement doors
a) 8ft in height $340 pfr
b) 10ft in height $360 pfr
c) With glass doors $360 pfr
d) With sliding doors $360 pfr
e) ABS trimming laminate door $340 pfr
f) Aluminum frame glass door $360 pfr
TV Console
Of laminate suspended or sitting on floor $150 pf
Feature Wall
a) Of laminate $30 psf
b) With glass and/or mirror $40 psf
Shoe  Cabinet
 a) Less than 3ft. in height  $170  pfr
b) Above 3ft. in height  $200  pfr
c) Up to 8ft. in height $270 pfr
d) Up to 10ft. in height $300 pfr
Study Table
 Wall mounted without drawers  $110  pf
Wall mounted with drawers and/or side legs  $170  pf
Bar Counter
Low Counter $160 pf
High Counter $180 pf
Vanity (bathroom)
With laminate door $140 pf
With glass door $170 pf
Cabinet above vanity with mirror $160 pf
Bench/Settee with storage  $150 pf
Storage/Display Book Cabinet
a) With casement door $350 pfr
b) Without door $260 pfr
a) Plywood Film $36 psf
Bed Frame
a) 3ft. Single Bed $900 and up
b) 5ft. Queen Size Bed  $1100  and up
c) 6ft. King Size Bed  $1500  and up
Bedside Table $300 and up
Drawer Unit(s) $240 each
Bay Window Ledge w/ ABS Trimming  $90  pfr